chovateľská stanica „spod Kunovej“ slovenský kopov kopov-matta matta kopov

Dear friends of hunt and canine hunting!

    Welcome to „spod Kunovej“ Kennels.


    Breeding hunting dogs and their use for hunting has deep roots in our family. Almost 60 years of hunting experience of my father, my childhood and later my whole life was accompanied by hounds. We have bred German Shorthaired Pointer, Dachshund, Jagdterrier, Scent hounds, Alpine Dachsbracke. However, one breed has affected our lives forever. It is slovenský kopov - Slovakian Hound, a fellow who has accompanied us already for jubilee 50 years.


    We obtained our first kopov in 1960 from the doyen of Slovak kynology Mr. Koloman Slimák. From this year on we have raised to 30 hunt-usable kopovs, most of which obtained breeding qualification. Several hundred puppies have been born in our Kennel . Only since 1999 up till now, 161 puppies have been born.


    Fifty years of hunting, work and experience with this breed allow us to say: „Who fell in love with hunt, found great pleasure; but who fell in love with hunt with kopov, found eternal love.”. We are pleased that we can do our bit to contribute to the advancement of our national breed, our Slovakian Hound.

Yours sincerely Štefan and Jozef MATTA, MD

October 2010